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And, on top of that, Diana has never really been shown in a positive manner either. But that does mean he is on the loose running amok again.

In particular, under current writer Peter Tomasi, she has been a weird mix of shrew and Stepford wife. But then, just as I was about the belt out 'You are miiiinnnnneeee ... ', this terrible ending was tacked on, an ending that reminded me of one of my issues with this New DC, it's complete lack of Lois. And I was back to thinking "is this the issue that makes me finally drop this book". Ed Benes and Doug Mahnke split duties but the whole book looks sharp especially the action sequences. All of this is a set-up by Circe to force Diana to make a difficult choice.

Will someone please put Jeffrey Dean Morgan in more intelligent dark humor action leads?Part of the problem has been my complete lack of comprehension about the romance between the characters.It just has never been presented in a way that makes me understand what these two would see in each other romantically.Remember, Circe holds a grudge against the Amazons for a slight by Hippolyta. She knows that her duty lies in protecting the people of Earth. Given prior missteps with Diana, I worried that there would be some weird inner dialogue about how her love for Superman is so powerful that she can't bear to leave him. But I love the image of super-heroes battering supervillains using a bus as a bludgeoning weapon.Maybe Circe feels that making Diana make this difficult choice will force her to compromise her Amazon ideals and ethics, showing that Hippolyta and the Amazons aren't superior? And yet, this decision leads to a great Diana moment! I wondered if Diana might even beg Circe to stop this plan. So to see this play out in this manner was fantastic. It is absolutely one of my favorite image motifs in comics.

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