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Teams like to call fades almost as often as fans plead for their team to “throw it up” to a tall receiver near the goal line and let him get it. And in theory it should be, because that’s exactly how it works.“Throw it to where your guy can get it and the other guy cannot,” quarterback Drew Brees said. Last year, the league connected on 32.8 percent of fade routes.

(Jeff Haynes/AP Images for Panini) Julio Jones made one of the most dominant plays of the NFL season Sunday against the Patriots.You have to know that there are only two hands that can knock it down.Just attack the ball when it’s in the air and pull it down right away.”The difference is, Thomas does a lot of the things required to excel on fades better than most other players. He played with Thomas at Ohio State and often had to defend the wide receiver during training camp.Lattimore is as well-acquainted with Thomas as anyone in the league.And he’s seen what receiver can do when the ball is in the air.“He’s a great receiver,” Lattimore said. Those decisions can be critical, especially when the cornerback is giving up some height.“Some guys are elite at timing, playing the hands,” Vaccaro said.

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The go route is a contender, with 28.6 percent caught since the start of the 2016 season, and corner routes come in next at 43 percent. And yet a lot of cornerbacks feel like the fade can be a hard play to defend — at least against certain quarterbacks.“A lot of people can’t do it, but if it’s a Drew (Brees), Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, all those guys, they can throw a back shoulder,” safety Kenny Vaccaro said.

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