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One thing that’s for sure though is that music will spark certain emotions when you’re most vulnerable. Just lay off of it for a bit and give yourself some time off.

However, if you’re currently in an unislamic relationship, and marriage is right for you, then you can always repent and start anew on the right foundation —with the right intention for marriage and with the correct etiquette. So if you weren’t already praying tahhajud every night, take some baby steps. Play sports, go hiking, head to the driving range, watch a movie. When others asked him why, he said So you feel like you slipped and messed up. You’ll get great insight and build a stronger relationship with them.Avoid talking to them in general, and definitely not without someone else present.Don’t try to find out what they’re up to, and stop cyber-stalking them.basically, anything and everything that normally makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something good. It’s when she supported him when the whole world turned its back on him.It’s wanting your spouse to do good so you can spend eternity in paradise together.

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That girl or guy you’ve been talking to is not the best thing that’s ever happened to you, and definitely not helping you advance or get closer to Allah.

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