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Lust is primary, physical and fleeting for both sexes, and long-term attachment takes years of shared experience to develop in either sex.Also, I am not saying that this is the only way women fall in love, or the most common.------------------------------------- If you liked this post, you'll definitely like my book, Beyond the Breakup, which explains everything you need to know about dealing with you ex: what he's thinking, what is motivating him to stay friends with you, how to maximize your chances of getting him back - and if that doesn't happen, how to focus on your future.A collection of useful phrases in Finnish (suomi), a Finno-Ugric language spoken mainly in Finland by about 5 million people.are either immediately available to a man via conversation, or else far less significant in garnering his attraction.So, in general, a man can evaluate a woman quite quickly. Many of a woman's triggers for romantic love are less immediate: In other words, while a man judges his woman primarily in relation to himself, which he does quite quickly, a woman evaluates her man on how he relates to the outside world, and this takes longer.We spent a lot of time together, and by three months I was in love.

I agreed because I wanted to give it a chance, and I hadn't been on a date in a while.

But the woman who propagates her genes is one who accurately judges whether the man with whom she mates is not only strong, but also stable - that is, capable of protecting and providing for her children until they are grown.

The implications of this are enormous for both sexes in dating, but let me underline the biggest lesson for women: if a man isn't falling for you from an early stage - say, the first month - it isn't going to happen.

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