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A faculty member’s ability to teach, evaluate, or advise a student without partiality is suspect when the faculty member and the student have a dating, romantic, or sexual relationship.

Emerson College is committed to maintaining an environment where the education of students is of the greatest importance.Thus, when individuals in asymmetrical relationships engage in sexual behavior such a relationship is seen as sexual harassment with the person in the superordinate position viewed as the harasser and the person in the subordinate position as the victim.More serious research into the nature of sexual relationships between faculty and students on campus finds that such interactions are, indeed, asymmetrical, much in the way many other types of sexual relationships are.As Richard Skeen and Joyce Nielsen wrote in an article published in These relationships are in many ways like other sexual relationships insofar as they are based on mutual attraction, as well as sex-related, power-discrepant roles.Student-faculty relationships are problematic (i.e., unethical) not so much because of the power discrepancy between a (usually male) professor and a (usually female) student, but because there is a confounding of public and private roles. questions the validity of negative sex stereotypes explicit in the exchange model and examines student-faculty relationships in sociological terms.

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It is the obligation of the faculty member to disclose that relationship or marriage to the Dean of the School (or Executive Director of the program) in which the student is enrolled.

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