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In December 2007, on the park hill Vellert, part of the new building district Zuidbroek, Apeldoorn, was the image Cage-with-no-cougar-in-it [Kooi-met-geen-poema-er-in] (locally known as The Cougar [De Poema]).

The artwork is 12 meters long, 9 meters tall and consists of 2000 meters steel wire. After the image was completed in a large hall, it was sawn into five parts and transported from Dordrecht to Apeldoorn. From a distance there appears to be an animal in the cage, but up-close it's an abstract artwork.

In practice it comes down to the summer months of July and August. Image taken at a nature education center north of Toronto, Canada. The creek is named for John (Cougar) Smith, a legendary tracker who hunted cougar, wolves and bear back at the turn of the 20th century.

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I think I could visit there over and over and enjoy it each and every time.

these middle aged ethnic women in all their glory always make me smile.

Artist: Maarten de Reus (In 2006 there were stories that there was a cougar wandering around on the Veluwe.

This was never proven.) Typically "komkommertijd"-news. When the newspapers are thin because of holidays and when little or nothing is to report on politics – since all politicians are on leave – one speaks of "komkommertijd" (translation from dutch to english "Cucumberseason").

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Anyways, we were lucky enough to stay on the rim for a few days (lucking out and getting a cabin in July right on the rim) The grand canyon is obviously gigantic, to give you a good sense of its size..about as long as West Virginia..seeing all of it would be quite the task.

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