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I’ve always heard this and it was not something I’ve ever given extra thought to until I carried my friend Yaz in the car yesterday.

Mi, u Engleskoj, ne možemo shvatiti kako je od našeg života različit život tog jednostvnog naroda, koji živi u tom planinskom pojasu, na teritoriji manjoj od površine Velsa.It’s very nice and idyllic and it’s basically a subtle message to gold digging babes that it shouldn’t always be about money.A lot of people say this as well, and some women even say they’re good if the guy is a “prospect” for doing more and being more.On the other hand, it can be said that there’s a certain drive that pushes you if you are a “have not” and some people just lack it.So it’s more of trying to figure out the point where drive/ambition meets opportunity.

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For the past 5 days, I’ve had Mo’Cheddah’s “No Be Money” playing on repeat in the car because I think the guys at Knight House deserve a special award for the instrumentals on that track.

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